The story of La Caravelle

Perhaps you think that La Caravelle is a subsidiary of a big international group ?

Not at all !


La Caravelle is a family company created by my twin brothers Cédric and I in 2016


La Caravelle's founders : the twin brothers Olivier and Cédric

Olivier à gauche, Cédric à droite ! 

How was born La Caravelle ?


We are in july, 2015.

Cédric and I declined a proposal to create a resale handbags boutique.

The reason ? The "outstanding" bags, made in Asia, were in the end only some bad copies of luxury brands.


"It's ok, we are going to create our own business !"


Together with Cédric, it is not the first time entrepreneurs suggest us an apparently attractive project that blows up later

Tired, we make the decision to open a boutique which reflects who we are.


Create our boutique, ok, but what kind ?


What always attracted us are objects out of the ordinary and which tell stories.

We want to be a dream and create good vibes.

With my twin Cédric, we think about all our passions.


We especially love :

  • History, and particularly the great explorers centuries
  • trips to the tropics
  • lquality crafts


On the horizon: La Caravelle


When we mix all those center of interests, opening a swimsuit boutique spontaneously appears.

But not a boutique as so many others.

What we want to flee : like

  • mass distributed suits 
  • summarized to a cut
  • drawn in big marketing services
  • made in doubtful working conditions

What we want : dislike

  • swimsuits with rare styles and cuts
  • drawn by authentic designer
  • quality materials and handmade


But it is not over.

Because finding an adapted swimsuit is not an easy task, we want to advise women in the best way, thanks to:

  • individual support.
  • blog articles.
  • free downloadable guides.

Once our policy and strategy set up, we invest our savings and start to work, assisted by our friend Pierre (for the website).

Nearly one year later, in November 2016, our boutique called "La Caravelle" is set up.


story of La Caravelle's logo

It enabled first long distance explorations and represents our goal: to bring you back treasures from all around the world !


Welcome on board !

Olivier and Cédric