Campaign '18-'19 behind the scene - swimsuit fashion shoot La Caravelle

tropical designer swimsuit

Relive this shooting day as if you were there...


    Bali, 6 am: start of the shooting day


The whole shooting team meet at Bali Budha, a café restaurant located in Denpasar, main city of the island.

Our team is composed of:

  • Glen, our photographer
  • Juhani, our video editor
  • Karina and Anastasia, our two models
  • Louise, our stylist
  • Lidiana, our make-up artist
  • a local assistant and translator

We all get in the car and head for a place called "Tegenungan".
After 45 minutes drive, we leave our 4x4 to walk the last 200 meters.

What is Tegenungan hiding? A wonderful waterfall, nestled in a landscape worthy of a movie set.

This is the setting we have chosen for our 2018 swimwear selection.

Tegenungan waterfall



As this place is a very popular tourist spot, we got up at dawn to be there at 7:00 am.

After paying Benjar (local authority) for exclusive access, we settle in front of the waterfall.

This one is so majestic, we could think we're in an Indiana Jones movie.

At this time, everything is still peaceful. The silence in the jungle is only broken by the sound of waterfall and birdsongs.
After setting up our temporary camp Karina puts on a burgundy crochet bikini and starts making up.

Thanks to a good-natured atmosphere everyone is eager to get started!


Curtains up


10 minutes later, the first sun rays pierce through palm trees leaves from the waterfall top.

What a stunning light !

In the meantime, Karina, who is finally ready wears a hat and rushes to the waterfall with
Glen, our photographer.

Here is the result, a magical and timeless picture!

 our model wearing a wine crochet bikini in front of Tegenungan waterfall


Here follow different shots that highlight La Caravelle tropical swimsuits.

The mood aims to be sensual, mysterious and wild.


 turquoise bustier designer swimsuit


our two models wearing tropical designer swimsuits
  • 11 am: Departure for BiasTugel beach


Tourists hurry to the entrance of the site. It's time to break camp !

The whole team jumps in the 4x4 and we drive south-east of Bali for the second part of our
But before we go on, let's go back a month ago...


Thank you Google Map ! »

From our premises in La Caravelle, Strasbourg (France), we seek to shoot on an original beach and unspoilt from tourists.

In Bali, the most beautiful beaches are located in the southern part.

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, this is where all the hotel chains are located.


In Strasbourg, we are 12,000 km from Bali and no one has been able to advise us despite dozens of mails, calls, paper planes and messages in a bottle.

In despair, Cédric chooses to do it the hard way.... use Google Map and go around the Balinese coast in "Street View" mode ! (Really, we're not laughing at you !)


On the southeastern part of the island, a small beach catches our eye:

  • white and fine sand as far as the eye can see
  • weirdly shaped black volcanic rocks
  • a small lagoon, like a natural swimming-pool
  • a small and charming Balinese pagoda


We are under the spell of this place. It's decided, we'll shoot there!

 Bias Tugel Beach, in Bali
Bali Island (Indonesia), and the spotted beach on the southeast coast.


Now back to D-Day.

After one hour’s drive, we get out of the car and walk the last meters.

Once on the sand, we are not disappointed; the beach is gorgeous and keeps all its promises. And above all, we are almost alone !

The mood aims to be light, positive and playful. We want good vibes to make you dream!

Here are some of our shots taken that afternoon.

 white boho designer swimsuit

designer trikini black and gold