Why trikini is not only dedicated to models.

>Have you ever heard about trikinis ? These trendy suits are not that hard to wear, and there's something for everyone.

"Me, wearing a trikini ? No way !"

Maybe you have already said those words to a friend while shopping.

You're right, most people think trikini is a show-off swimsuit.

However, this two pieces joined by a narrow band on the belly can really beautify your

Trikini is not so hard to wear.



First of all, the trikini is perfect if you are thin and lack feminine forms. Is your body type H or V? You should think about it.
Its special design will reshape your waist and hips.

I have a slim body and few curves

You can choose this type of bandeau-trikini. It will highlight your shoulders and your breasts. See below.


designer black and gold trikini

 The black and gold trikini Monica, available in our eshop.

I am curvy and have large breasts

You can opt for a V-neck line like this one. The support will be much better.

 v neckline trikini for large breasts

Trikini : a glamorous and ultra-feminine swimsuit


No need to discuss, it is difficult to get more style other than wearing a high-end trikini.

Your appearance will turn heads and you will be as elegant as stars and models seen in music videos.

If you pay attention to your diet and exercise a lot throughout the year, why not afford it? You deserve it!



Swimsuits that appear in this article: Trikini Black & Gold Monica 

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