Which colors suit you best?

If a good color can beautify your look, a bad one will ruin it.



Summer is coming ! Apple green, neon yellow, watermelon pink,... clothing ads are eye-catching and give us a first summer flavour.

However, very few girls wonder if these colors really match their skin.
A good color combination can enhance your style, but a bad one will make it dull.

It is all about matching


To answer this question, first take a look at these two bracelets:

 colored beach bracelets and tanned skincolored beach bracelets and white skin



  • On the left picture, the matt skin brings a strong contrast and highlights the color of the jewelry.
  • On the right picture, the whiteness of the skin gives a duller result.

You've figured it out, well matched colors is a matter of contrast.



Which colors for my white skin ?


Pale skins are highlighted by dark colors, including black, blue, green and brown. You can also opt for white because your skin will look more tanned.


black swimsuit and white skin


On the other hand, beware:

  • flashy colors will accentuate the whiteness of your skin.
  • light orange, yellow or beige shirts will give a tone on tone dull effect.



Which colors for my tanned/dark skin?

Good news: you can wear any color you want !

Even bright or flashy!

Why not try a gold, lemon or turquoise swimsuit ?

 My only advice: DARE !


colorful and tropical designer bathing suit


To go further: i also play with my hair and my eyes

Here are some successful combinations:


  • If you have white skin and blue eyes, select a blue model.
  • With white skin and black hair, try a chocolate swimsuit.
  • If you have dark skin and green eyes, choose an apple green model.
  • And so on!




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