How to recognize a high-end swimsuit

We give you our ultimate method.

Sunny days are back! Your stay in the Maldives is fast approaching?

Naturally you're starting to think about your swimsuit.
When you fall for one of them you will probably wonder “what about its quality?”

At La Caravelle, we use a simple method to check the quality of each piece we receive.


Step 1: Analyze its composition


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The swimsuit should at least contain 10% elastane(except for crochet swimwear)

For sports use, 30% is a good base.

In any case, do not hesitate to stretch it a little: it must immediately recover its original


Step 2: Check underwires and lining


To better wick away moisture and avoid being transparent, it is essential for a swimsuit to be
well lined.


Black lining of  the Cintas de Palma bikini, available in our eshop.



Also look at the quality of the seams and evaluate the strength of underwires, especially if
you have generous shapes.

Step 3: Hunt for quality signs


The details below are excellent quality indicators because they are expensive for manufacturers:

  • the richness and variety of patterns
  • the palette and depth of colors
  • invisible stiches



 The hight ended one piece Alma Africana, available in our eshop.

Beware, cut and extraordinary patterns are not guarantees of quality.
The designer may have pull out all the stops on design and neglected manufacturing...

You’ve got it all figured out? Follow this method, and you should be safe from an
unpleasant surprise!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us in comment (or Livechat).



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