Crochet swimsuit: why is it all the rage ?

>Do you know crochet swimsuits? Fashion addicts are snatching them up!

Brought up to date by Australians and Americans, this type of swimsuit is now very trendy!



What's a crochet swimsuit ? Definition.>


cotton thread and needles to crochet


This craft process consists in crocheting cotton thread to produce stitches using a crochet

The crochet technique, not very widespread, makes it possible to:

  • create charming openworks,
  • encrust small items and jewelry (shells, pearls, chains, etc...)

It allows to create one of a kind styled pieces that a synthetic fabric cannot provide. That explains its success.

The crochet swimsuit is perfect for bohemian styled creations (also called "gypsea" or & "boho") that refers to freedom, pure pleasures and communion with nature.

It's the best choice to get away!


A cotton bikini ? Support must be so bad !"


Don't worry ! Each brand provides an inner lining (especially inside the panty) and contains a touch of elastane.

If you are a sportswoman for whom going to the beach means swimming miles and riding a jet ski, better to opt for classic swimsuits !

If on the other hand, you like lazing in the sun and just swimming a few strokes, the crochet bikini is made for you !

Crochet: easy to accessorize


  • To get a boho-chic style: opt for a headband and silver or gold classy jewels.
  • To get an ethnic look: wear a long scarf in your hair and tribal jewels, as semi-precious stones imitations.

Some crochet swimsuits ideas for you.

White crochet swimsuit Wanderer

white crochet swimsuit Wanderer;

Pink crochet swimsuit Cowrie Shell

pink crochet swimsuit cowrie shell

Wine crochet swimsuit Cantik

ethnic wine crochet swimsuit


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